Table of Contents

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  • Short Bio

    Essays by Camus:

  • The Absurde Man
  • The Myth of Sysiphus
  • Ephemeral Creation
  • The Minotaur
  • Between Yes and No

    Critical Essays by Paul Willenberg:

  • Reader Response Criticism: The Stranger
  • Sysiphus' Fate
  • Meursault's Development of Consciousness
  • Memory and Imagination: Borges' Funes vs. Meursault

    Other Essays on Camus:

  • The Individuality of Meursault"
  • The Egoism of Max Stirner
  • Incompetent Text
  • Order
  • The Absurd Hero
  • Nauseated Strangers
  • Aids Virus & "The Plauge"
  • Justice, God, Politics
    And The European Way


  • The First Man
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