Paul M. Willenberg
Cities of Solipsism 3

You can travel to Aut Numquam any time you like. You can walk freely and speak whatever you like. No one will bother you because they do not know your language. In Aut Numquam the people do not speak, they gave up language many years ago. In fact, the do not even move. They sit or lay in their one person tents. Also, they do not eat. Time has no meaning to them. Perhaps death would make little difference to the people of Aut Numquam. They do not move or talk or even gesture because someone might notice and confront them about the reasoning behind their action. You see, the people of Aut Numquam do not like confrontation. Even more they detest logic. No one knows what another is thinking (but you know that). Maybe the people of Aut Numquam do not even open their eyes. Maybe they need only four senses. Or maybe, since their are no sounds in the city they have only three senses. And because they only sit or lay in their tent, their sense of feel is limited. To the people of the city even the smells of others’ functions have lost their interest. With their imagination the people of Aut Numquam have halted the affect of senses on their world.