Ok. First of all, here's Swarthmore College where I go to school and the Swarthmore Diversity Coalition web page, which I maintain. I used to go to Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Tech. I'm sure you could have found those links on your own. But here's one that takes some hunting: before that I went to the Martin Luther Schule in Germany. Their web page is student run and kinda small but I was excited when I found it. You'll probably not be as excited unless you went there too.

I don't want to bore you with too many links so this list is fairly short. If you're looking for art posters, check out ArtUFrame. I've never actually ordered anything there, but it's fun to flip through. If you've ever heard of Dr. Alban and wonder why he's unheard of in the USA you're the same boat I am. You might wanna check out the Dr. Records home page for some neat sound clips. Unfortunately his newer stuff is somewhat dissapointing.

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