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Brandywine High School Marching Wind and Percussion Ensemble
Hey there folks, and welcome to the first official page for you, the Brandywine Band alum. Granted, there's not a whole lot here yet, but I'm working on that, okay?

GO BRANDYWINE! After a FANTASTIC performance witnessed by my bad self last night, my band pulled through to tie for fourth with Archbishop Ryan with a 94.0 which is not that low considering the rest of the scores. Clearview got third with a tenth higher, Hatboro-Horsham dipped into group 3 to take second with a wonderful show, and Red Land claimed the title with a 96.1 (see what I mean about low?) SORRY! Pictures are not up yet -- YET, although thanks a whole big bunch to Dr. BOB DUMIN for four pictures of the band (including two of his son, the DM) which I will put up as soon as possible. I also have 27 exposures of BAND from Chapters and ACCs to develop, plus hopefully Brian Smith will take a little time from his busy life and scan some of his assorted rocking pictures he took with his panoramic camera. Keep checking here, eventually I'll have it up. :)

Eventually this site will have, ideally, all of the following and more:


Anyways, I don't have any of this stuff. So SEND IT TO ME!!!!

If you've got stuff to mail, i.e. photographs, you have two choices. Are you anywhere near Brandywine High School, still? Find my sister (Ms. Helen Lewis, pit goddess, class of '98) and she'll get it to me.

Like most of us, nowhere NEAR Brandywine anymore? Mail it to me at

If you've got stuff to email me, like sites of your pages or if you just want your name listed in the alumni directory (when it actually happens :)) then mail me at
Watch that "2," it's important, okay?

That's about it. Watch this page for updates as soon as I get some band stuff in. And oh, I'll put ONE link in now.

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