I sometimes think maybe I'm the last man on Earth, that I'm the last one to believe in anything really. Not just because I go to church, not just because I believe that what I see around me is real. I just- I'll give you an example. I was in a cemetary last week, walking around on all those dead bodies, those empty vessels once inhabited, and the church bells chimed two o'clock. My friend Walter, whose grandmother's grave we were visiting, said just then, "What time is it?"

"Church says it's two o'clock," I said, and then I started thinking about the fact that somewhere back when, those church bells would not get checked against my watch; no, they would define what time it was, they would get to decide what two o'clock meant. Time was open to discussion, it wasn't real. Now, my digital watch could be tuned into some atomic clock somewhere and the time, objective inasmuch as it had been agreed upon by everyone who I gave authority to decide such things to, would bounce around the planet until it found my watch and reveal that it was only 1:57. The church said it was two o'clock, but the satellites said it was 1:57. And I believe in satellites. Nowadays no one would believe the church was dogmatically right about the time, but nowadays people are starting to not believe in the atomic clock either... >