Welcome to my second photos page!

  • Here's a picture of me on spring break '98 at Daytona Beach.

    Scenery Photos

  • Here's a picture I took looking out over the Gulf of Mexico at dusk.
  • This is a picture of the Verrazano Bridge (which connects Staten Island to Brooklyn) half-swallowed by clouds.

    Animal Pictures

  • Look carefully at the horse on the right. Does it look like a llama to you?
  • Here I am riding a horse that isn't imitating a llama. She would trot away from the barn well, but once she saw the barn, she'd speed up a lot and actually ran me through some branches, but I survived.
  • This is John's first time on a horse. His last? Perhaps, but look at his face!
  • Getting close and personal with the Llama-wannabe.
  • Yes, it's a very fat bird. It was also very calm, and I almost reached out to touch it, but decided against it.
  • Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico. Pelicans were all over the pier here. The building in the background is where we had dinner.

    Sports-related Photos

  • Myself, Matt Murphy, and James Muspratt are strategizing on a cold and wet day at the Swarthmore Ultimate Tournament.
  • This is the team I played with at the "Hat Tournament" at Haverford College. Everyone had their names mixed in a hat that were drawn at random. We finished 3-1 on the day and had a great time together as well.
  • Matt Davis poses during a windy day at another Haverford tournament.
  • As I said, it was a windy day.
  • Ok, super glue is pushing it, but it's still funny. Do you eat Clif Bars? I do.
  • Here I am playing goalie at the last Motherpuckers of the '97-'98 year.

    Friend Pictures

  • This was a self-taken picture of John and me in Florida, when we agreed to ride in the back of a pickup truck as his mom and stepdad took us through a crazy backroads tour. We were bouncing around the entire time, but the worst was when we hit a huge bump and flew against the cab part of the truck. Oh well. We survived.
  • Here's a picture of Matt Murphy and me at his house during October Break, where he and his family kindly allowed me to eat dinner with them. After cooking for myself the entire week, it was really nice to eat good food.
  • Here's a picture of Rosemary (Matt's mom), Matt, and Jim (Matt's dad).
  • This is another picture of Matt and me during October Break. He and his family also had me over for Thanksgiving this year, which was absolutely delicious. On top of that, they sent me home with a package of goodies so that I wouldn't starve on my own cooking.

    Stupid Pictures

  • Yeah, moving right along...
  • This is how he normally looks.
  • This is how I normally look.
  • Something must be burning,or it must be the hall skunk. Maybe it's the hall skunk burning?
  • When the wind changed...
  • Hi John.
  • Unfortunately for John, I had the camera, and he didn't, so there isn't any proof that I joined in with the fun.
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