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Family Photos

  • Here's my Mom and Dad at Northwestern University in Illinois in 1968.
  • This family portrait was taken at the end of summer '97. From left to right: me, Gary, Lanette, Alana

    Friend Pictures

  • Here's a picture of me with two of my high school friends, Katie Sundquist and Lesley Talluto. We spent much of the summer of '97 hanging out together.
  • Here's Katie and Lesley hanging out at Katie's house.
  • Lesley and I pose for a shot towards the end of summer '97 at Katie's house.
  • On August 9-10, 1997, my friend Winston Chang and I biked 150 miles to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I'm on the left, Winston's on the right.
  • John Loser and I in one of our many self-taken pictures, this one on the Union Terrace at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Check out the reflection in our sunglasses--you can see trees, John's arm, and more.
  • Yes, it's John and I being stupid again (nothing new), this time with empty 24-packs of diet soda on our heads. Wondering why? Me too.

    Music Pictures

  • Here I am with Aaron Barrett of Reel Big Fish at their Villanova performance in October '97.
  • I took this picture of Jimbo Mathus of the Squirrel Nut Zippers at their Villanova performance in October '97.
  • This is Katharine Whalen of the Squirrel Nut Zippers at their Villanova '97 performance.
  • Here's "A Picture of Nectar's" in Burlington, Vermont, the place where Phish played some of their first gigs.

    Ultimate Frisbee Pictures

  • This is a picture of Planet Blue, the ultimate frisbee team I played for during the summer of '97. We finished second out of 27 teams in the summer league. Back row, l-r: Jeff, Steve, Grady, Lane, Mark, Doug, Kevin, Andy. Front row, l-r: Burnie, Lynn, Debbie, Catherine, Robin. Lying in front: me.
  • Here's a bid my dad took of me back in Madison.
  • Here's one of the bids my father captured on film. I particularly like the orange shadow of the disc on the grass.

    Miscellaneous Pictures

  • Here's one of the best shots of a balloon popping that came out of a physics experiment my junior year. Andy Dorsey and I designed the experiment using cereal boxes, thumbtacks, metal plates, a flash, and time-lapse photography.
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