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An abridged biography

Well, as you probably know, my name is Joel Frederic Wei-ming Price. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin in early 1978. My parents, Gary and Lanette, met at Northwestern University as undergraduates. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, my father lived in many places when he was growing up because his father worked for Gulf Oil Company. My mother grew up on Oahu in Hawaii. I have lived in two houses in Madison, the first was on the east side of Madison, but we moved just before I turned 4. My sister Alana was born in October, 1981. Soon afterwards we moved to our current home on the west side of Madison.

When I was a toddler, I attended Preschool of the Arts in Madison. After that, I went to a private progressive (non-religious) school based on Quaker ideals, Wingra School. I spent kindergarten through eighth grade there, with a ten-week interlude in sixth grade, when I attended Thomas Jefferson Middle School. I decided in sixth grade to return to Wingra after about a quarter of the year had gone by. I graduated from eighth grade at Wingra and went on to James Madison Memorial High School, or Memorial for short. If you'd like to know which courses I took at Memorial, click here. I spent the next four years of my life studying and participating in numerous extracurricular activities. As a freshman, I was a setter for the freshman volleyball team (I was only 5'1" my freshman year), #4 Varsity singles in tennis, wrote for Pressions, a creative writing journal, and was the concertmaster of the Concert Orchestra. My sophomore year, I gave up volleyball to train year-round for tennis. I played #3 Varsity singles for the tennis team, participated in Mock Trial, and was a soloist for the annual Concerto Concert. My junior year, I played #1 Varsity singles and was a co-captain of the tennis team, participated in Mock Trial, Pro-Choice Club, and was a soloist for the concerto concert. My senior year, I played #1 Varsity doubles with James Murray, was a co-captain of the tennis team, concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra, participated in Mock Trial, Math Team, Pro-Choice Club, Spanish Honor Society, National Honor Society, and a member of the Ping-Pong Club.

Outside of school, I played in the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra for five years, from eighth grade to twelfth grade. My eighth grade year I was a second violinist in the Philharmonia Orchestra, my freshman year I was a second violinist in the Youth Orchestra, and my sophomore through senior years I was a first violinist in the Youth Orchestra. During my ninth grade year, we got to perform in the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. for President Clinton's inauguration. Between my junior and my senior year we toured Spain and France, travelling to Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Lyon, and Paris. My senior year I sang tenor in the Madison Children Choir's Brioso choir, a mixed voice choir in its first year of existence. We travelled to Pittsburgh in the spring of my senior year.

After a long and tedious college application process involving eight schools, I finally ended up here at Swarthmore College. I applied to Princeton University, Dartmouth College, Swarthmore College, Williams College, Haverford College, Oberlin College, Carleton College, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. I started here at Swarthmore thinking of being a Chemistry major, but changed my mind. I'm now a Psychology major with a lot of focus on Education. I am planning on getting my K-8 certification late in my senior year here. If you'd like to know more about my plans at Swarthmore and the classes I've taken, click here. In terms of activities here, I play ultimate frisbee on Swarthmore's Swarming Earthworms. I'm also a tenor in Swarthmore's Mixed Company, a mixed a cappella group. I play intramural ice hockey once a week as a goalie for Mother Puckers.

If you think of anything in addition to what I have here, please let me know by email.

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