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Ok, you are getting the hang of it. You can also use Apple's "ResEdit" to create your own icons and edit your old ones. Just click here for a download site:

ResEdit 2.1.3

Be sure to use ResEdit only in conjunction with our step by step guide when editing your icons. ResEdit is an appliction that allows you to edit resource files on your macintosh. Although ResEdit may be used for other editing purposes, we do not claim to be an expert on other types of editing and do not recomend them.

If you would like more information about ResEdit, a ResEdit reference is distributed to bookstores world wide by the Addison- Wesley Publishing Company or you may obtain more information concerning the ResEdit reference by visiting Apple's developer catalogue site. The ResEdit reference (for all of you Swatties) is available in the library of SCCS books maintained in the CRC (Parrish 2nd) where it can be checked out by any member of the Swarthmore College community.

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