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Folder Icon Maker Guide

This guide can help a first time user learn how to make their own icons and create folders with custom made icons.

How to use Folder Icon Maker

To use Folder Icon Maker, just drag an image onto the FIM icon. A new folder appearing like a small version of your image will be created automatically .


Using pictures as folder images

1) Drag images from applications such as JPEGView, Canvas, Adobe Photoshop, and MacPaint into the folder box of the FIM window to create a custom folder icon. You can also drag picture clippings in the Finder into the folder box of the FIM window.

2) To drag the contents of a standard Macintosh PICT file (rather than the PICT file's icon) from the Finder into the folder box, hold down the Option key while releasing the mouse button.


How to Create and use custom folders

1) Drag the item or picture that you want into the folder box of the FIM window.

2) Once you have done this, the new icon will appear in the folder box, with a badge (a small application icon). This badge tells you where the small superimposed icon will appear on your finished icon folder.

3) Adjust the position of either the folder or the small badge on the folder by clicking on them in the folder box in the FIM window and moving them.

4) To save your custom folder image and badge position drag it from inside the folder box to the Finder.

5) To use your custom folder, just double-click on it or drag it onto FIM.

6) To stop using a custom folder, open FIM and choose "Use Standard Folder Icon" from the "Options" menu.


-To remove the icon from a folder, select the folder in the Finder and choose "Get Info" from the "File" menu. Then, select the icon in the info window and choose "Clear" from the "Edit" menu.

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