It's a home page, right? Sort of. More than that, "The Rich Plots Recur" is an attempt to put a little piece of myself that isn't commonly visible out there for others to see. Why? Because I'm not very good at it. But I'm going to make an effort.

This is a page about me. It is a collection of things that I think reflect me. Some are my own creations (the autobiography, rambles, images, and one other thing) and others are my favorites (the prose, poetry, quotes, and links). They are all presented to you in hopes that you will find them interesting, entertaining, illuminating. . .whatever. I chose the things I would most like to see on a site of this kind; with that in mind when you check the place out you should be able to see a little bit of me. That's all I really want this site to be: a personal exchange.



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