i admit it, i want to be wired. i want to have enhanced vision and hearing, be able to jack in to the net by sticking a slim silver plug in the base of my skull. wet wired. call it a cyber-romantic view of the future. a peaceful interface between blood and electricity, like keeping a small thunderbolt just below your skin, wrapped in silicon and some biologically compatable plastic. this ain't about getting email projected on your retinas or web surfing in your sleep, it's about the next stage in evolution. the cyber-human, prone to new pleasures and new emotions provided by a body without limits. not an eternal body mind you... the second we forget our own mortality is the second the rest of the world gets really boring and we get lazy. no, the enhanced human is just that, able to fullfill customized dreams of flying or disappearing or speeding in a sensory world unlike any previously accessable. am i talking about vr? maybe. if tech goes the way the sci-fi dreamer would have it go, to manipulate and play with physics and the laws of nature, then it may all be real, happening to our tangible bodies in the rich, irreproducable world of matter. after all, vr can never affect your corporeal body. it can only touch your emotions, your thoughts... which are made of the same stuff it is. the world of vr would be a new model, a place where the mind is the body, emotion is full, but beauty is never true.