written a few years ago,
in the dark.

darkness is for re-energizing. they say that sleep not only rests us, but it restores chemicals to the brain - chemicals it needs to work in the chaos after awaking... to coordinate muscles.... get coffee into the mouth, foot on the pedal, music turned up. the sleeping night is used for body refilling, for getting out the aches, for warmth after getting caught in a rain shower, dry sheets, under weight, next to another warm body? maybe sleep is to get out the extra energy... to burn it and expell it... make room for the absorbtion of new heat in the form of lights and sounds. dreams are these thoughts of the day escaping into the empty places between the stars... they leave streaking tracks through our brains as they leave in the five seconds that seem like five hours. they energize by friction as they leave... sparks of creativity gathering in little grooves and saved for nights awake. the wakeful night energizes through motion... moving fast in the darkness, cutting throught the dense air that falls when the night is full of people and things and actions that we don't see. darkness hides actions around you... it takes the little things and obscures them, makes them invisible... do they matter now? we dance in the dark. there are unseen things in the dark... monsters we will never know, people sneeking, silent kisses. and everything rushes past... and what do we see streaking by... lights. little colors and beams that shine on what's to see, or on nothing at all... marking only themselves high in the dark sky... so many lights, and no way to tell which ones are important, which ones lead somewhere and which ones just stare back at you and have no answers to questions but are merely there to be passed by in the movements that happen so easily, timelessly, in the night. tho you can't live in the night... if you did, forsaking the foul day, and there is beauty there, you would have no brightness to compare, no chaos to make sleek, and the dark would have no route to the spirit but would be only dark, an easy place to get lost in. and you can't live without the dark. where else would you learn to trust a searching hand or slow footstep on ground that seems far away, a small sound or faint smell or a feeling that you know comes from nowhere but in the darkness seems to have a form and a meaning... where you can trust it. where else would you find the stars... simple beauty... the wishes we cast to them. so much hangs from these dreams and wishes... pure in darkness.