[red's right of passage and smarts she gains from being exposed to both her
environs and the pleasures of the world... knows that there must be
something in opposition]

chris fanjul
sept. 11, 1998

"now don't look out amoungst the trees,
or wonder on the birds and bees,
for in the leaves and mossy places
your pretty eyes don't see the traces
of passing dark and toothy things."

in her basket put Little Red
some golden honey and loaves of bread.
her mother's words went quick from mind.
but before she left warm kitchen behind
her mother gave her a hunting knife.

so along the path to grandma's house
Red loosed buttons on her blouse. [experiments in safety]
no one around to see her flesh,
and unlike meadows pure and fresh,
the air was thick and sweetly warm.

then she caught a loping shade,
heard the huffing breaths it made.
never had she traveled here,
cooped by her mother's fear,
but curious was she about the wolf.

it came in low and smelled her thighs,
with nature's knowledge in his eyes,
and to her did he speak rich tones,
"come with me, let you youthful bones
mingle with the forrest scents."  [wolf's world based on scent]

he led her to a falling stream
as soon her eyes began to gleem,
and nude she rolled amounst the flowers
let slip the thoughts of fear and hours, [the real world]
and swallowed up the fruits.  [analogy to wolf]

as Wolf did watch her take to wild,
he saw more than a righteous child -
her features swell in nature's pull,
thirst had she for senses full.
he knew to take her for a hunt.

in silence and in stealth he said
them come upon your daily bread
and with your knife and muscles leap!
and in that bloody fleshy heap
you find your freedom and your need.

in her eyes a light showed through -
what pleasures real and worlds new!
"Wolf, you stay so short in light
and grin at me from your wooded night -
you've shown me truth yet still you hide."

she stood before him now wolfen-reared,
her tender pink all bloody-smeared.
in his eyes no lust or sin,
he simply found her nature kin,
and pounced upon his present mate!

the freedom bliss quick left her mind
but smarts reminded, so reach behind
and plunge the knife inside the beast!
she knows herself from this sens'ry feast -
she's of full world now, not wonder bound.

grendel's workshop