There in the light was... oh, I don't know. How to describe it? I saw it so briefly I don't know that I really did. I ran again. I ran as fast as I could, and faster. I turned adark corner, then another. I had no idea where I was but my mind wasn't working on that level. I turned corner after corner, each seeming darker than the last. Finally I skittered to a halt; I could hear no steps behind me yet. Down the alley to my left, bordering an almost entirely enclosed empty lot, was a dark building with one flickering "Budweiser" sign on it, the only light around beyond the cityglow. I ran for it. The building was entirely dark, but that single flickering sign gave me hope. I ran to the door-- no sign of life. All the better. Two steps back and I ran for the door, bursting it open.