... as you please
when first i was read this poem - by greg, a friend of full heart - it took some seconds to get past my normal conception of drunkenness. he himself a lover of whiskey i thought perhaps he was reading to me a justification of drink (if one is needed), but his emphasis on the last line told why he was reading it to a room full of friends: drunkenness comes from doing things will a richness, no holding yourself from what makes you happy. one can find euphoria in anything if it is done with a purity and love and without fear or doubt. it can be found in any corner and for any person, and while i believe one should take respite sometimes from this richness, in fact a rest is itself a drunkenness of peace and quite sounds pervading the air. Beyond the reach of Time we all can find our meadow or rooftop or sidewalk, wine or word, but always truth.

thanks greg