june 1

i caught a moth by placing my hands under a shining light.
they reflected the light, as if they were emiting it themselves.
when it flew into them, all i had to do was close them around it.
no chase, no swatting. the moth was a beautiful white.

i'm back from a very full trip. bits of the stories will come over the next few days, i think...

other thoughts:

i am on the beginning of a path through understanding anger, something which i do not believe i have ever felt, and which people see me as incapable of. it will take time to touch this thing in me.... i don't wish to move too quickly, getting soaked by it, but i've got to at least sip it.

i am feeling powerless when it comes to energy and inspiration... i am always waiting for it to come from the outside, from someone else. in a way this is trusting in the flow of the world and the way things are meant to happen, but it is also a less full kind of wisdom, and i feel i must eventually move past it.

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