may 4

as a somewhat personal inquiry, i pulled together people who do web pages to talk about what we do. because i have no real idea why we do it. to me, even having one page is making a choice... to express yourself, to find yourself, or to touch other people. maya, melanie, sarah, jackie were there.

the short notes i have: - in the vaccuum of the web, there is no context. you can define yourself on your own terms. (this is great power, great freedom?)
- i wonder if there has to be a point to every page, and we come to agree that what is great about journal pages is that you get to watch the process of that person finding a point. - you can't worry about defining your entire self... you just put up what you want to.
- i write in a bubble, producing and then releasing, but i do think about my audience in some way, to some extent.
- there are limits, and certain things should be private... they are sacred. i am discovering my limits, and that helps me see what i am comfortable with in my life... or something like that

all in all it's a good talk, and it brings up some things i hadn't thought about. it's an ongoing thing...

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