january 28

so i haven't written much lately... there had been a reason, one of those kinds that you know is there but you can't quite put words to it, and then today i was talking with greg and josh. we were brainstorming for our project, a web site about stories, people, meaning, edification, many things... and we came to the point that had cut me short for some time: stories need not be academic, make a point or prove a hypothesis... they are stories. not essays about a belief, but the narative of what lead to the birth of a belief. for my purpose i take that even further... i write to produce, to put a piece of myself out there for other people, with no expectations. stories set you free, and they make others think of their own stories, their own lives, find meaning for themselves. and if not, so be it, and perhaps i've provided some enjoyment in some way.

that said, i have very little time to write... my college life has now split into two productive halves: class, and the projects that my classes feed. a web site. techno music creation. photography. learning from my friends about the bible or walden or hacking or electric pianos or love or fear or one of many other things. i have felt stagnant, and now i am prepared to act again.

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