october 4

life has been crazy, but that's not important really... it's soo incredible outside. the last few days have been warm during the day and then very cold at night (cold enough to wish you had someone to snuggle up with... sigh) and now it's raining. i'm wearing long pants and long shirts... i know that's not so thrilling, but i just feel so warm and encompassed and good, despite all the weights of the world. the california boys that i hang with are complaining about the cold, and all the east coast guys are saying "i live for this stuff!" it's kinda funny ;)

i started getting close to a girl here, but she's a frosh and when we talked about it she said that she wants to get more familiar with the place before she gets involved seriously... so we're hanging out, which is nice.

all i know is that i have all my blankets on my bed, my candles are wonderfully warm (some times late at night i read by one or two... it's great), and my music is getting mellower. yesterday i spent making my first mix with for wayne (in italy)... i only really did a half, cuz josh did the other half. we put on all the best songs of our favorite artists, and ended it with the doors' "the end".. 11 minutes of ethereal chill.

i have a light hangover from a poker party last night. it was a fancy affair, held in a stylish dorm basement, a small gathering of old friends and new acquaintances. i came in suspenders and white button down, loose brown pants and a tweed jacket. had my first gin and tonic. as the night progressed my winnings on the table went up and down, as is to be expected. we got more and more drunk, broke into spanish and got very loud, talking over each other and having a blast. the chips were flung rather than tossed; cigar and cigarette smoke twisted in the air. the last game degenerated, leaving all the guys at the table naked and the one girl victorious in her bra. when the night wound down, as they always do, we all walked home in the cold damp chill of an october night.

i leave for italy on friday, carrying just a backpack and some bread.

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