september 16

it started out so hot a day
then just past midnight the rain began to fall
and i had to go outside, thru the window, onto the fire escape.
there were a few others, everyone on our own little cliff edge,
standing quiet under the big warm drops
rejoicing in our wet cloths,
invincible and heavy.
it was the kind of rain when you vow to yourself
that you'll never forget what the rain feels like
how it surrounds you
how it soaks into you
how it trickles down your back
behind your wasteband and down the back of your leg
or off the edge of your eyebrow
past the corner of your eye
or down the side of your nose
a salt-laden dew to be licked off your lips
when nobody else can see you
cuz they're all looking out into the rain
and between the bright flashes they may see something
or they may just be standing there
letting it all pass over them
clean and flowing
cooling and fresh
till it fades off into the distance
leaving you new and full again.

and now i'm dry
and i can still feel it.

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