june 30

a black cat drossed my path on the way to work, and i thought i was in trouble.

but somehow, either by luck fate or good weather, i avoided any foul deeds. actually, it was a pretty good day.

checked out a few good sites, like the crazy frames high-graphic powazek and the poetic gradual awaken and of course some justin. a bunch of ex-hotwired wizs who knew enough to leave the com.

walking the sunny side of the street home, i got too close to a bookstore, and with curiousity of buddhism i purchased a book on the teachings of the buddha and a translation of lao tzu toa te ching. there was a young monk with shaved head and ochre robes looking thru the same section, and i almost asked him if he had any books to recommend, but didn't. on the roof i read the lao tzu intro, and without even getting to the text my prose was styled

why read books of ancient wisdom? the elders share
with us so that we may grow, understand the world
as they do, perhaps keep us from mis-steps or mis-
thought. to give us experience - is this not to give 
us age? a peer may write about life and happenings,
reading this makes you fuller, adding a life to yours.
to gain the knowledge of age is to lose ignorance and
innocence, that which makes the world simple and 

words can give you thought, the effect of which may
be little or nothing at all, or it may inspire or
clarify.  in this way dealings of the mind move to the 
body, mouth or hands or legs, to talk or experience
or travel and find more thoughts.  the circle.
by thoughts i mean things of the mind, things in tangible. ideas and dreams, sensations, visions.

at the top of the page is

even cats approach the edge
of a roof carefully
cuz there was a gray tabby cat the found me on the roof, with wonderful blue eyes, and like any good cat, a wondering spirit.

all of us went back up after dinner to see the last glow of june sun disappear, and wrapped in my blanket it was like i was back on the windy deck of the italia prima during the summer of 95 , curled up with other bodies and a draught going down my neck, under an open sky and a bright lonely moon.

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