God shakes up your world, and you end up on another side of the planet...

I've always liked the thought of becoming a world traveler, but I
wasn't planning a trip to South America anytime soon. Yet somehow
I found myself in the southern hemisphere spending my summer in
the winter of Brasil and Paraguay. As fun as it was, it was no
vacation! Each new challenge made me wonder, "What am I doing here?"

What made me think I could handle cabin leading and serving in Brasil when I don't speak Portuguese? Why did I think my Japanese was good enough to lead prayer and Bible study in Paraguay when I'm not even confident in everyday conversation?
Realizing how inadequate you really are is scary. But realizing that God makes up for whatever is lacking frees you to be blessed in many ways. Let me show you what I mean...

   the road to south america: how God put it on my map

the JEMS team: it's all about working together

the chronology: an outline of my time in South America

the ministries

   background about the countries: Brasil and Paraguay

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