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This web page will eventually explain the wonders of our natural world and the beauties of the Appalachian Mountains. Or something like that. At the moment, though, it is very much under construction.

I suppose I will break down and give myself a brief

I live in Bristol, which is in the mountains in Northeast Tennessee. The beauty of the region has influenced my interests and probably my whole life, so I would like to give at least a brief tribute to one of the parks I grew up with. Bays Mountain Park is in the nearby city of Kingsport and was visited weekly by my family during my formative years. I still often go there to sketch and walk in the woods.

For the past three summers, I have worked for Steele Creek Park, a park in Bristol, Tennessee which is only beginning to become a center for natural history in the area. (You'll have to page down a bit to get to the Steele Creek Park part of the webpage in the above link, but once you find it, there are lots of useful facts about the park, including hours and listings of flora and fauna.) Three summers worth of leading nature hikes, working with school groups, and doing far less romantic work have been condensed into exploits and findings at Steele Creek Park.

I am majoring in biology and art at Swarthmore College. Nature sketching involves both of my majors (read: obsessions.) I began nature sketching after attending a workshop led by Clare Walker Leslie in 1993 and have been sketching ever since. I've finally scanned in a recent page from my sketchbook.

I'm just starting a listing of useful reference pages for plant and animal identification, natural history, and environmentalism. If you have any suggestions of pages to be added, please let me know.

Go see my semi-daily Nature Feature (which is Pennsylvania specific at the moment.)

During the school year (when I have time,) I lead a woodswalk for some of my friends at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. Their web pages don't really have anything to do with my woodsiness theme, but feel free to visit their pages anyway. :-)

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