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Here is my page of links. Some are interesting places to go,
others are friends. So have fun exploring the some more of the web.
If any of these links aren't working please let me know:


The Calvin and Hobbes Jumpstation Need I say more? Here is a page that will connect you to lots of Calvin and Hobbes pages.
The Comic StripDon't get a newspaper, yet still want your comics? Then follow this link.
U Click Even more online comics.
Doonesbury Town Hall Need I say more?
Helen:Sweetheart of the InternetA great strip about a woman computer tech.
Mother Goose and Grime Go Grimmy!
SPAWN:World Wide Web Headquarters One of the greatest comic books out there.
Tank GirlShe kicks ass, has a killer attitude, a tank, plus her very own comic book. What more could a girl want?

Piercing and Body Art

BME:Body Modification Ezine Your information source on the net for basically everythign having to do with Body Modification (Piercing, Tattoos, Scarification, ect.)
RABbit HoleHome page for the newsgroup rec.arts.bodyart.
Urbane Primitive Design Studio
A very interesting and good site. Steve's Tatto and Body Piercing If you happen to be in Madison, a great place to go.
Pat Fish's Tatto Santa Barbara One of the best Celtic tattoo artists in the country.
Ardvark/Piercing Exquisite Home Page Great piercer, and maintainer of the rec.arts.bodyart FAQ.
Mama Lani's Home Page Maintainer of the Tattoo FAQ for rec.arts.bodyart.
Gauntlet International Pioneers of piercing, and home of PFIQ (Piercing Fans International Quarterly.)
Stainless Studios Body Jewlery Suppliers and piercing and tattoo studio.
Body Circle Designs Body jewlerly supplier.
Perforations Body Jewelry supplier and piercing and tattooing studio.
Ambient Studio
Association of Professional Piercers Association to promote professional piercing. (Professional=safe, hygenic and did I say safe?)

"Dark Links"

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles 'Nuff said.
Dark Side of the Net Home Page If you are looking for anything that might be considered dark, this is definatly the place to look for it. One of the nicest "Dark Sites" around.
Vampyres Only, don't worry if you are not a vampire, I'm sure that Vlad would still like it if you visited his site.

Learning Disabilities

The Dyslexia ArchiveLots of info on Dyslexia.
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder Home page for the organization of CH.A.D.D.


The keirsey Temperament Sorter Personality types
X-Files Net Links They're creepy and they're cooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altoghether oooopps. Wrong show. With out further ado, the X-Files Ladies and Gentlemen.


In no particular order

Scott Seaman's PageHere is the long awaited web page from Scott. He is a wonderfully sweet guy that I went to High School (and 8th grade) with. It will never cease to amaze me that he stayed sane after 12 years of University Lake School. Don't believe anything he says about Liz and me, actually it would probaly be wiser to believe it:^)
Ben Kiersz's Page An even older friend than I can really remember (but hey I still remember that bloody nose when I was three:^) Anyyway, a really nice guy who has a truck named "Baby."
Melissa Binde's Page Ever get the feeling of being stuck in an insane asylum? Well then come to Outside the Asylum! Home of lots of fun and interesting stuff.
Tinsley Davis's Page Life in the Imperfect Tense. Tinsley is a good friend of mine, we met freshman year in Randy Exon's intro studio course.
Joel Price's Page We both hail from Wisconsin, only to meet at Swarthmore.
Steve Blum's Page Yet another poor soul who survived ULS.
Cameron Geddes's Page A good friend, who plays rugby (and keeps trying to convince me that I need to, although I'm a little afraid for my piercings.)
Aaron Marsh Monastic Order of the Church o'Fun
Charles Danforth's Page Rodents EVERYWHERE!!! A way cool guy.
Todd West's Page Dreams. Engineering and Art double major.
Evan Dorn's Page Evan's Shack of Postpubescent Angst. A nice guy who happens to be double majoring in Biology and Engin, crazy.
Ross Dickson's Page ross's random ramblings.

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