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Well I have finally gotten around to puting stuff up the way that I want them, and adding another picture. I promise that eventually there will be a lot more. But the problem is finding enough time to play with my computer when I have all this work to do. So just scroll down to view what I do have up.

This is a link to images that I created by manipulation of photographs and other images. Take me there!

This character is named Misery. The image is about 108k. I think that Jim Lee created (and owns her), but the art is all mine. I did this with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Just to clear up any questions, I did this from scratch, not from a scanned image.
This is a creation all my own. The name is "Water Nymph." This image is 63k. And other than that, I had a lot of fun creating her. I used Infini-D for the background, Adobe Illustrator to create the figure, and Photoshop to bring it all together. I reserve all rights to her, if you want to use this image, contact me first at
Creating this was an interesting expeirance. I used Adobe Photoshop on a Greyscale Background pattern, and this is the result. There are several tortured souls, demons and ghosts in this Nightmare. It should be about 125K. Again, this image is copyrighted.
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Date last worked on: November 3, 1999