The Coach

Susan Davis has been head women's coach since 1974 and head men's coach since 1983. After founding the women's swimming program at Springfield College and enjoying her collegiate swimming career, she earned a Master of Science degree and founded the competitive swimming program at Smith College. For the past 17 years, Sue has been co-director of the two largest privately run clinics in the U.S. for coaches and swimmers.

While on sabbatical leave in 1993 and 1997, Sue had the opportunity to visit and study the swimming programs at Stanford, Texas-Austin, USC, ASU, Auburn, Tennessee and the USOC in Colorado Springs, Co. Her firsthand experience with the elite coaches and swimmers in the country provides a unique training and learning opportunity for Swarthmore's student athletes.

In addition to her involvement with swimming, Sue continues to compete successfully in the equestrian sport of 3-Day eventing, having twice trained with the U.S. Olympic Team, in 1973 and 1977.

To Contact the coach via e-mail: Sue Davis