Small Shaft Warnings and Spring 07 issue magically appear online.

After persistent nagging, web editor finally uploads the Fall 06 issue of Spike.

Spike website launched after months of effort.

Please check out our newest issue, on Swarthmore newsstands as of May 5, 2006.

Spike hosts a mind-blowing exhibit opening party. The exhibit, “Spike through the Ages” is on display on the second floor of McCabe Library, right by the back staircase. Highlights of the party included a warm speech from library liaison Ann Wheeler, party favors, and seven varieties of ginger ale courtesy of graduating editor John C. Williams ‘06.

Spike Magazine always welcomes feedback, whether questions, comments, or free DVDs. The best way to reach us is:

Since being gently midwifed into this world in 1994, Spike magazine has grown into an enfant terrible that appears once a semester to jolt the Swarthmore campus with a much-needed dose of satire and absurdity (or so its writers would like to believe). We here at Spike are purveyors of all manner of cheap gags, fake poems, comics, fiction, and occasionally even serious essays. The staff meets weekly to brainstorm and deface Phoenix property, and is always looking for more blackhearted cynics and jovial prop comics to add to the ranks. For more info or back issues, contact:

     spikemagazine [at] gmail.com