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Fall 2017 Issue

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Excerpted from the introduction
by Peter Schmidt:

"Sail through these text-fields quickly or slowly, and you’ll encounter kisses and mirrors, salsa dancers, a crescent moon, and TVs and tracking numbers. Khizr Kahn makes an appearance, and sequoias, silly captions for photos, playground swings and melancholia. Imagine a color named Formica Spaceship. Enjoy brunch or (in different works, fortunately) encounter a horde of cockroaches or a murmuration of starlings. Complicated parental presences shadow several of these pieces, including one that mentions a mother’s red-pen editing: 'then she handed back my bloodied poem.' There’s sexual abuse, a vision of the American Dream as a dangerous mountain to climb, and writing about the difference between speaking eloquently and ironically about a problem and actually doing something about it. Rabbits make several appearances, but no top hats. A suite of short prose pieces each have a window play a different role in its plot. Poems offering us a brutal gift, the truth; a story inspired in part by Lorrie Moore, one of my favorite contemporary writers."

Featuring prose by:

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And the eclipse poetry contest, won by:

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