Swarthmore College Computer Society

Draft Constitution

#define SCCS

The Swarthmore College Computer Society is a student run organization that provides a forum for College computer enthusiasts to discuss computing issues and try out hardware and software, houses a small library and maintains UNIX workstations for general student use.


The organization structure of the SCCS contains three main sections:
The SCCS provides several significant services to the campus community, including UNIX Workstations, a support group for DOS users and a small library of computer related books. The SCCS also provides several forums for discussion of topics of interest to the members: All lists are open to all members of the Swarthmore community, including interested alumni


Membership in the SCCS is defined as being a student at Swarthmore College and having a subscription to the sccs-announce mailing list.


A user is defined as any person who has an account on one of the SCCS run UNIX workstation.

the Officers(Members(students))

The officers are responsible for the overall function of the SCCS, and the organization of tutorials on topics of interest to the membership. The officers will also be responsible for running of elections for the Unix Policy Board, and overall SCCS policy, such as this document. Additionally the officers may create such structures as are necessary for the functioning of the SCCS. There are three officerial positions in the SCCS. Officers are elected annually at the end of the academic term by the SCCS members. Prerequisite to officership is membership in the SCCS; technical knowledge is not required. An officer may also be a sysadmin. All officers are expected to attend the regular meetings of the SCCS, usually weekly, but this is subject to change.

the President(Member(student))

The president of the SCCS is the primary contact person for the organization, and the head of the Unix Policy Board. As the head of the Unix Policy Board the president is responsible for running the weekly meetings and making sure that as issues arise they are dealt with in a timely manner.

the Treasurer(Member(student))

The Treasurer is responsible for all contact with the Student Council Budget and is responsible for obtaining funding for SCCS activities.

the Secretary(Member(student))

The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings, maintaining general policy documents, keeping the list of members up to date and maintaining all SCCS mailing lists.

the Sysadmins(Members(students))

The Sysadmins, or System Administrators, are primarily responsible for the day to day running of the SCCS workstations, collectively known as the Aviary. All internal organization of the sysadmins and the exact responsibilities of each sysadmin will be decided upon by the sysadmins.

Sysadmins are appointed by the Unix Policy Board as vacancies occur. Sysadmins' progress and performance are subject to regular reviews by the policy board. The policy board has the authority to modify the number of sysadmins, and may hire and release sysadmins at any time. Unless terminated the policy board, sysadmins will retain their positions until graduation, unless they relinquish their position by notifying the policy board and the other sysadmins. Prerequisite to sysadminship is membership in the SCCS; technical knowledge is not required, although a desire to learn and a commitment to fulfill the responsibilities is. A sysadmin may also be an officer. Sysadmins are required to attend sysadmin meetings, which will be scheduled as necessary.

the Unix Policy Board(President Sysadmins Users(students))

The Unix Policy Board is responsible for all SCCS Unix policy and the selection of sysadmins. The policy board also has the power to appoint subadmins, people responsible to the sysadmins and the policy board, who will be granted additional Unix access and privileges so that they may perform tasks for which they were appointed. An example of this is the current subadmin position of Webmaster. Unless immediate action is necessary or the matter is confidential, all Unix policy decisions will be made by the policy board at open meetings. For a decision to pass four members of the policy board must be present and at least three must agree. The sysadmins have a limited power to veto decisions by the Unix Policy Board. A veto requires agreement of the vast majority of the sysadmins, with no more than one dissension. Usually policy issues will be discussed on the policy list/newsgroup prior to the meeting. Any user may request that the board review a case or hear a complaint. Users may also request a physical meeting of the board for these same reasons. This will usually be granted if school is in session. The Unix Policy Board will consist of five members: In the case where the president is a sysadmin, there will only be one other sysadmin and there will be three elected users. Prerequisite to being on the policy board is an account on the SCCS machines and a minimal level of technical competence. Officers other than the president may run for the user positions. Board members will be required to attend weekly meetings and actively participate in policy decisions.
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