Welcome to the Green Advisors Website! 

Green Advisors are a group of students committed to facilitating sustainability on Swarthmore's campus by acting as resources, role models, facilitators, and friends to the other student's on their halls. They seek to build a community in their dorms and on campus that values the world around us and empowers its members to take action to protect our global ecosystem.

Most Recent News

Welcome to another wonderful year at Swat! This year promises to be a big one for the Green Advisors program. In addition to getting chartered as a group separate from Earthlust, continuing to expand dorm composting, and continuing to expand the number of dorms with GAs, we are working with facilities to institute a pilot drying rack program. This program would make drying racks accessible to students on certain halls through their GAs. If successful at reducing dryer use, it will eventually expand to the rest of campus! Drying racks can save large quantities of energy, and are easier on your clothes anyway, so look for one coming to a GA near you soon!