Reviews of Classes taught by Lee Devin of the Theatre Department

Theatre Studies 002 - Acting I

Theatre Studies 002

Name: Steven Salter Year: 2002 Major: Computer Science/Theatre Course: THEA 002 - Acting I Taken Fall 1999 Recommends? yes

Acting I is really an amazing class, no matter who is teaching it, and for everyone, not just majors. Many people (myself included) come in to Swarthmore thinking they know how to act, but have never really studied it or read about it. The format is very much activity-based, but the exact format depends on who teaches it. When I took it, most of the semester was spent performing/rehearsing improv scenes.

Acting I is difficult, but in a different way than most other classes. You might write some papers, you will read a little (Stanislavski will change your life!), but most of the work is internal. Swatties might say it is a self-study of the human experience. Acting I will teach you how to be yourself.

Some people come out of the class saying "I didn't learn anything" or "I got nothing from it." With all Theatre classes, you get what you put in. It will only be valuable if you put in the energy to work at it. You must be self-motivated. If you aren't, you will find it a large waste of time.

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