Reviews of Classes taught by Bruce Grant of the Sociology and Anthropology Department

Sociology/Anthropology 003B - Nations and Nationalism

Sociology/Anthropology 003B

Name: Gloria Chan Year: 2002 Major: Sociology/Anthropology and Political Science Course: SOAN 003B - Nations and Nationalism Taken Spring 1999 Recommends? yes

This class is probably the one that challenged me the most(about nationalism, but also about my own allegiances and identifications). BRUCE GRANT IS AWESOME! He's great at relating the material to your life, as well as his own.

The class had a somewhat heavy workload. The readings were great, and substantially enhanced the class. It's good for people interested in SOAN, but this topic is also one that is relevant for everyone living in today's world. I'd basically recommend it for everyone. Bruce Grant knows his stuff and is a fun lecturer as well.

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