Reviews of Classes taught by Vera Moreen of the Religion Department

Name: Omitted Year: 2002 Major: Omitted Course: RELG 045 - Jewish and Islamic Mysticism Taken Spring 1998 Recommends? no

You know, you see the name of the class and it sounds like the most interesting course around. The truth is, I was quite disappointed with it. This is a small class format, but for some reason the prof decided to have us teach the course (each student took one day to present their 'lesson' -- and then they were done). One 15-page paper, your presentation, and the final is all you were graded on. Even that doesn't sound that bad, but people were constantly skipping class and completely zoning out. That, along with very dry reading made for a regretful experience. If by any chance you do decide to take this course, it's a great idea to really familiarize yourself with kabbalah and sufi mysticism before you take the class, because you simply end up learning about its fundamental principles through tiny bits and pieces of 'revolutionary pieces of scholarly literature' (which are really just drawn out, antiquated opinions), when you could have just gotten a 20 minute primer on the essential ideas.

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