Reviews of Psychology 035 - Social Psychology

Andrew Ward

Name: Ted Chan Year: 2002 Major: History, Psychology, and Interpretation Theory Professor: Andrew Ward Taken Spring 2000 Recommends? yes

-The class was one of the larger classes I've been at Swat, so it was essentially a lecture class with lots of Q&A.
-It was one of the easier classes you'll take at Swat with the scale.
-The textbook was excellent, very well-written. I even read the parts that weren't on the exam.
-I would recommend it to both majors and non-majors. Make sure you take it with Ward though. He's on leave 2000-2001

This is an example of a professor that cares really bringing a course to life. Using all types of media, Professor Ward made this class very entertaining. My best memory of the class is when I arranged a cram session the night before the final and sent an email out to the whole class. I copied it to Ward, and low and behold he shows up at the cram session at 10:30 at night and answers questions and goes over the material with us.

Without knowing it, you digest a tremendous amount of social psychology. Ward and Burke are definitely Swarthmore's young stars.

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