Reviews of Classes taught by Kenneth Gergen of the Psychology Department

Name: Ted Chan Year: 2002 Major: History, Psychology, and Interpretation Theory Course: PSYC 048 - Technology, Self, and Society Taken Fall 1999 Recommends? yes

-The class was a three hour seminar based on discussions and demonstrations.
-No, it was quite easy.
-The reading is really wonderfully chosen, but it is extremely challenging, stylistically and in terms of the theory.
-I would recommend it to anyone.

One of the best classes I've taken at Swarthmore, if not the best. Great discussion, great material and the class time was used incredibly well. Every class was opened by some sort of interactive demonstration that revealed something about your self or society that made you go, "hmmmm.." Gergen's been a star at Swarthmore in five decades now. He's unorthodox, he's definitely not mainstream, he's liberal and he's brilliant. Of all the remarkable profs at Swat, Gergen may be the most brilliant if sit down and get talking to him.

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