Reviews of Classes taught by Jeanine Pinto of the Psychology Department

Name: Ted Chan Year: 2002 Major: History, Psychology, and Interpretation Theory Course: PSYC 039 - Developmental Psychology Taken Spring 2000 Recommends? yes

-The class was mixed discussion and lecture.
-This class had a significant workload in reading and lots of paper writing. You could get away without doing a lot of the reading though.
-The reading was okay. A lot of it wasn't very interesting to me, but I'm not a developmental person. The textbook (Shaffer) was awful though.
-I would recommend it to any major. Outside, it's good if you have an interest in developmental or perhaps if you're interested in education and working with younger kids.
-Well, Jeanine Pinto is a hard working, wonderful woman who is so open to putting in extra time and one on one work, reading rough drafts, etc. She's flexible with deadlines and makes things as easy as she can for you. What were the negatives? Lecture was usually pretty, um, well, slow (maybe more suited for a 50 minute than an hour and fifteen) and there are a lot of papers.

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