Reviews of Political Science 104 - The American Political System

Richard Valelly

Name: Omitted Year: 2000 Major: Political Science Professor: Richard Valelly Taken Spring 2000 Recommends? yes

Good seminar with a non unreasonable, although certainly challenging, work-load. Like any seminar the quality of the class will depend on the students in the class as well as the prof, but nonetheless Vallely does a good job of keeping the enitre group involved.

One of the more valuable aspects of the class, was the time spent, not just on the material, but on the appropraite way to approach political science, answering questions not just on the specifics of a certain topic, but more general question as to how we think about political science and though processees that can be applied any other political science course.

Readings on the whole were very good, some were a little dry, but most were fairly interesting.
Strongly Recomended.

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