Reviews of Astronomy 001 - Introductory Astronomy

Eric Jensen

Name: Blair Cochran Year: 2003 Major: Undecided Professor: Eric Jensen Taken Spring 2000 Recommends? yes

I enjoyed this class a lot, mostly because Jensen is a great, great guy. Entertaining in class, available outside of it, and really enthusiastic about his subject. And ever so nice.

As for the class itself: as a non-major (and pretty much a non-science person in general), I liked the content, though those of a more analytical bent might not. The emphasis was on the history of astronomy and on explaining seasonal changes, etc, in the sky, rather than the math. The work was manageable and in general rewarding: a short set of questions for homework each week, a quiz every few weeks, 2 papers (the first of which you revise, which I appreciated) and a final. Jensen goes to great lengths to make sure you're prepared for all of the above. One caveat: the reading (usually in the textbook) is definitely doable, but there's not much incentive to actually do it, since he covers it pretty exactly in class. Otherwise, the perfect Natural Science PDC for non-majors. Interesting, enlightening, and non-back-breaking.

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