Reviews of Classes taught by Andrea Stout of the Physics and Astronomy Department

Name: Catherine Vanderwaart Year: 2003 Major: Undecided, possibly math Course: PHYS 006 - The Character of Physical Law Taken Fall 1999 Recommends? yes

- This class was mostly a lecture class with a lot of Q&A.
- There were regular problem sets and two major (8-10 page) papers.
- The reading helped if you were having trouble with certain concepts, and in writing the papers, but wasn't essential.

The class can be good for either majors or nonmajors, though the two will get different things out of it. Nonmajors get an interesting and reasonably easy PDC, though those who really hate math may find some parts of the class annoying or difficult. Majors get an introduction to concepts they will need later on, and a nonmathematical approach to physics. The fact that it was very nonmathematical frustrated me sometimes, since I am very much a math person and she skipped over parts of proofs that involved anything beyond high school algebra. The fact that it was not a math-based physics course also made it feel easy and fluffy. I wish I'd taken linear algebra before this course, since a lot of quantum mechanics seems to involve stuff from linear algebra.
Overall, I enjoyed the course. I'd really like to take more quantum physics, because it's really interesting stuff.

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