Reviews of French 065 - La Poésie de Baudelaire à Apollinaire

Name: Nori Heikkinen Year: 2003 Major: Music/Undecided Professor: Colette Windish Taken Fall 1999 Recommends? yes

Great course!! when I took it, there were only 7 women in the class, and so we had tiny, involved discussions. The class is taught all in french, and Windish (who's a native française) loves to talk on forever, and is an interminable well of knowledge. She's great at dissecting even the most abstruse poetry. I loved the course. There were two papers and a final assigned, so not a lot of work, but then again the grade rested on those three items. There was a lot of reading--many many poems for each class period (it met T/R), and I didn't always have a chance to do all of it, because you have to read poems twice or three times to even begin to understand the language, let alone the meaning. I think this class would be good for majors or non-majors, but you should be prepared to do a lot of thinking and really enjoy French poetry. I loved it. Take anything you can by Windish!

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