Reviews of Math 018 - Several Variable Calculus

Don Shimamoto

Name: Omitted Year: Omitted Major: Omitted Professor: Don Shimamoto Taken Fall 1998 Recommends? yes

The lectures were always very helpful. I never missed a lecture unless I had to because Prof. Shimamoto explains concepts very clearly and his notes were even more helpful than the textbooks. The material could be pretty hard to understand sometimes but paying attention in lectures and keeping up was enough so I didn't have too many problems with the class.

Good grades didn't come easy in the class but if you put in enough work you'll certainly learn a lot from the class. If you're looking for an easy A then this certainly isn't the kind of class to take. I think the greatest thing about this class was Prof. Shimamoto. I went on to take Math 30 with him as well. I didn't get the best grades in both classes but I think I learned a lot.

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