Reviews of Classes taught by Deborah Bergstrand of the Mathematics and Statistics Department

Name: Omitted Year: 2003 Major: Undeclared, probably bio and chem Course: MATH 006AB - Calculus IIAB Taken Spring 2000 Recommends?

I didn't want to take math ever again. And then I found myself in need of math credits at Swarthmore. So I signed up for Math 6 as a last minute idea. Professor Bergstrand was terrific. She went out of her way to help me in math, despite the fact that my inattentiveness probably irritated her at times. She went to see the professor in charge of placement for me, to see if I could take Math 6 (I was initially placed in Math 5). She was more than willing to help on the math homework and to help with my decision about taking even more math classes at Swat. The primary reason I liked Professor Bergstrand is because she is good at explaining things to those that aren't superior math students. Although Calculus II might not be your thing, I think it will be less painful with Dr. Bergstrand.

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