Reviews of Classes taught by Cheryl Grood of the Mathematics and Statistics Department

Name: Catherine Vanderwaart Year: 2003 Major: Undecided, possibly math Course: MATH 016 - Linear Algebra Taken Spring 2000 Recommends?

- This was a lecture class, but she was very open to questions.
-The class was not too difficult for me, but it's a math class. If you have lots of trouble with math, especially abstract stuff, this is not your class.
-I didn't really do the reading. I used the book as a reference for homework, mostly.
-This class is much better for people majoring in a math/science field. Anyone who thinks they might want to take more math should take this class. It definitely gave me the desire to take more higher math classes.
-I really enjoyed the class, but I'm something of a math geek.

Lecture was not always riveting, and if you missed a class you could easily get behind, but the material is pretty cool. Prof. Grood is really sweet, she's enthusiastic about the material, and she's always willing to meet outside of class and go over stuff. She also had evening office hours the night before problem sets were do, which was a really enormous help. She was visiting this past semester, and I think she will be staying at Swat, but I'm not sure.

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