Reviews of Linguistics 045 - Phonetics and Phonology

Kari Swingle

Name: Nori Heikkinen Year: 2003 Major: Music/Undecided Professor: Kari Swingle Taken Fall 1999 Recommends? yes

I enjoyed this class. There was reading, but the lectures didn't only cover it--you were expected to have read it (unlike the CS21 class I took). It's a PDC but I did absolutely zero paper-writing in it. The class wasn't too hard, it just required that you learn the information (the first quarter was spent learning IPA in detail--international phonetic alphabet, which I already knew so had an easy time with, but which takes a bit of effort if you've never run into it). I would definitely recommend this to potential ling majors, and also to people who are interested in the sounds of language. I enjoyed it. (And yay for PDCs!)

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