Reviews of Classes taught by Robert Duplessis of the History Department

Name: Ted Chan Year: 2002 Major: History, Psychology, and Interpretation Theory Course: HIST 024 - Transitions to Capitalism in Early Modern Europe Taken Fall 1999 Recommends?

-The class was setup as a discussion class, with the prof giving brief lectures to set things up.
-Heavy reading load, fair amount of papers...not easy, not a killer either, especially with no final exam.
-The reading's interesting if you like economic history. It will probably make you tear your eyeballs out if you're not.
-It's a class for people interested in the development of the modern economic system, major on non-major. If you're not interested in how trade, industry and capitalism developed between 1400 and 1900, don't take this class.
-There were way more males in the class than females. That's the first thing you notice. And then there will probably be some pompous liberals who refuse to see any merit in Adam Smith's work and worship the altar upon which Das Capital sits.

A complaint about DuPlessis is that he is not a great lecturer. I actually think he might know this, but he works very hard and tries to keep things discussion based. He's a Guggenheim fellow, very respected, knows his stuff. He'll read your papers over and let you write them over if you ask.

My main advice is not to take this class before reviewing the material and seeing if it works with your interests. I was interested in the material, and thus enjoyed the class.

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