Reviews of Classes taught by Michelle Herman of the English Department

Name: Lillie Dremeaux Professor: Michelle Hermann Course: 005 - Writing Red: Introduction to Native American Literature Taken Fall 2000 Recommends? sometimes

Overall, so-so. Students came away from the course with a heightened social awareness about a minority group most people never think about. However, very little of the class was actally devoted to literary study. By and large, students did not enjoy most of the books we read, and some did not read half the books and will still probably come away with an decent grade in the course. The reading is moderately heavy, about 90 pages per class, but the texts are never dense. It is very easy to get away with not having read because most discussions have little to do with anything closely related to specfic aspects of the books. Class consisted of discussion sometimes led by the prof and sometimes led by small groups of students (you have to do two presentations per semester) and occasional lectures on biography or historical background. I got the impression that none of the students in the class were really passionate about English and preferred to study the works we read in a social or historical context rather than a literary one. Professor Hermann is a visitng prof who has a deep awareness and knowledge of Native American issues, but she struck me as better suited to be a history teacher than an English teacher. The class wasn't all bad because of the awareness it promoted (and Native American issues really do need more recognition), but I feel like it would have been better modified for a different department.

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