Reviews of Classes taught by Mark Kuperberg of the Economics Department

Economics 021 - Intermediate Macroeconomics

Economics 021

Name: Omitted Year: 2000 Major: Computer Science/Biology Course: ECON 021 - Intermediate Macroeconomics Taken Spring 2000 Recommends?

This was a large lecture class, which seemed like it would be bad. However, there were small discussion sessions one day a week and Prof. Kuperberg answered questions during class. Kuperberg's lecture style was great for me. It's very informal and funny (and quotable). He's also very friendly, and seems fatherly (at least, he complains lovingly about his daughter). I'd recommend taking any class from him.

The actual subject material was also interesting. The math content was not too high (there were derivations involving calculus, but we did not need to know them for exams or homework), and opposing viewpoints on macroeconomics were presented. There was both textbook and other reading; the other reading was for discussion session and was much less formal.

I would recommend the subject material (which is required for majors and applicable to a lot of other public policy ideas) and Kuperberg himself. It was a good class.

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