Reviews of Classes taught by Jeffrey Knerr of the Computer Science Department

Name: Omitted Year: Omitted Major: Math (tentative) Course: CPSC 021 - The Imperative Paradigm: UNIX and C Taken Fall 2000 Recommends?

Format: lecture and examples that we tried to program during class.

Difficulty: lots of programs for homework. Sometimes they were really hard, sometimes there were just a lot. But the clinics were all really helpful. Definitely take advantage of them. We didn't spend any time learning Unix, this class was really just about C, so it definitely helps if you already know Unix like I did.

Reading: The reading was helpful, but not always necessary if you know a little about programming already. Mostly I used the textbook as a reference.

Recommend: I would definitely recommend this class, especially for people who have some knowledge of computers. But I might recommend taking it with a different teacher if possible. If not, Jeff isn't a bad teacher, and you can still learn something, just be sure to go to the clinics if you have trouble.

Jeff Knerr: He didn't seem to have a total grasp on C. He was always willing to help and answered e-mail about the homework problems promptly, but the student clinicians were sometimes clearer in their explanations. He didn't always seem able to understand exactly what my question was or to come up with another way of explaining a concept.

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