Reviews of Biology 001 - Molecular and Cellular Biology

This is a team-taught course in which each professor teaches for three weeks.

Name: Omitted Year: Omitted Major: Omitted Professors: John Jenkins, Amy Cheng Vollmer, Mark Jacobs, Kathleen Siwicki Taken Fall 1999 Recommends? yes

Bio 1 is the first half of the year long introduction to biology sequence. It focuses on genetics (like Mendel), the central dogma (of DNA transcription and translation), cell theory and research, developmental biology and neurology. The class' difficulty varies from individual to individual. Students looking to major in the science seem to be much better off than those looking for an easy PDC. I found the reading to be ancillary to the lecture and lab material, but I took the class pass/fail. Finally, the class is taught by four professors who each get three weeks worth of lecture. This is good, because it gives an excellent sample of the biology faculty; yet, it is also bad, because you are constantly readjusting to a different professor's style. All in all, it's required for bio majors, pre-meds and biochem majors, and fairly enjoyable (maybe boring) for science nerds.

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